Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Working on my first contest

I don't have a lot of followers. It's sad but true. Anyway I'm working on setting up my very first contest. The prize is a cartoon version of the winner created by none other than me. My goal is to get 10 or more followers. Depending how this goes I'll try more contests.

    Today I've been developing some examples. So here's what the cartoon looks like.


Tomorrow I'll color them  or maybe next week since I'm making my son a train table for his birthday. And yes it's me and my Hubby. He doesn't typically have a mustache so don't worry :)


  1. Hi Sarah! Nice to meet you (even if it's just electronically for now). Can't wait to read all your stuff in Writer's group. You are very talented from what I can see so far - and my husband gets his mustache every November (MOevmber as they say here) and his looks worse than your husband's :) see you soon.

  2. And Sarah, find a Saturday when we can go to the spiral jetty - let's get it on the calendar and make it happen :)

  3. Yay!! I can finally post a comment! So glad I came back. Maybe you might consider extending your contest and letting people know how much easier it is to leave a comment now.

    Good luck!

    PS Did you move yet????