Who is Alexander Mitchell?

Learning he’s adopted off the black market as part of a genetic experiment cover up gives seventeen year-old Alexander Mitchell more than a few abandonment issues.  

Subtle differences have always made Xan feel off. Deep cuts that heal like scratches, the way his parents refuse to answer questions about his biological mother or how they discourage any behavior that attracts attention. After an assassination attempt on Xan’s life he’s faced with no choice but to uncover why the company wants him dead and turn the tables on the assassin hunting him. His heart is torn between his girlfriend who he fears will find him revolting and unnatural if she ever discovers the truth, and a beautiful yet socially awkward genetically engineered genius, he’s surprised to find common ground with. Xan will lose the love of both girls, risk the lives of his family, and die in the process if he can’t face a darker version of himself and bring the company to its knees.

Who is Alexander Mitchell? is complete at 85,000 words and will find a home in the hearts of 'Maximum Ride' and 'Heroes' fans.

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